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How to Replace a Bathroom Mirror Medicine Cabinet? | Featured |

Ever thought of how a simple change could breathe new life into your bathroom? Well, say hello to the unsung hero of bathroom makeovers – the mirror medicine cabinet. Often hidden and underestimated, this little addition can revolutionize how your bathroom looks and works. 

Whether your current cabinet feels old-fashioned or you're eyeing an upgrade to something more stylish and spacious, like a medicine cabinet with lights, a DIY replacement of your bathroom medicine cabinet can be exciting. But without the right tools and guidelines, the same excitement can become exhaustion. 

Don't worry; you won't face the same, as we're here to help you learn how to replace a bathroom mirror medicine cabinet. So, without any delay, let's explore!

Wait! Before we jump into the bathroom mirror medicine cabinet replacement, ensuring you have all the tools for the project is important. That said, here are the tools and materials needed for a smooth and efficient replacement experience: 

How can you replace an old bathroom mirror medicine cabinet without picking a new one? Here, you can always choose between minimal 36 x 28 medicine cabinets or medicine cabinets with lights. 

Whichever you choose, make sure it fits your bathroom wall's dimensions and vibes with your bathroom interior. To ensure that, it's important to measure your space so that you can choose a cabinet that fits into your bathroom setup accordingly!

Arm yourself with both a Phillips head and a flat-head screwdriver. These handy tools are your buddies for kicking out the old cabinet and securing the new one. They're like the Swiss army knives of screws, making the whole process a breeze.

Achieving a perfectly straight hang is crucial for your new cabinet to be functional and visually appealing. That said, a level is your trusty companion in this task. Using this tool, you can ensure your cabinet is installed evenly, preventing future issues like doors not closing properly or items falling out.

Mounting your new cabinet securely requires finding the studs in your wall. A stud finder comes in handy, identifying the vertical beams within the wall. This tool provides stable anchoring points, ensuring your cabinet stays securely in place over time.

While not very prominent, a pencil will be a crucial tool in helping you mark the location of studs on the wall. Additionally, it will be useful for marking any additional measurements or guidelines you may need during the process.

Accurate measurements serve as the backbone of a successful cabinet replacement. To get that, you can use a measuring tape to determine the dimensions of your wall and the new cabinet. It's like the blueprint for your bathroom upgrade. This accuracy will guarantee a proper fit, enhancing the overall look and functionality.

The trusty hammer serves a dual purpose in this project. It's essential for removing any nails or bits of wood during the removal process. Additionally, it can assist in making minor adjustments or securing the new cabinet, proving to be a versatile tool for your DIY endeavor.

Always put safety first when working with tools. Pop on those safety glasses to shield your eyes from any bits and pieces flying around during the removal or installation. It's a simple step that makes the whole project safer and smoother.

Consider the weight of your new cabinet. You might need some extra anchors and screws to make sure it stays securely in place. Check out the cabinet's instructions for specific suggestions – it's like tailoring your approach to match your cabinet's unique needs. Easy peasy!

After installing the new cabinet, the finishing touches matter. After setting up the new cabinet, grab some caulk or paint and fill in those gaps for a smooth, polished appearance in your bathroom. It's like the final touch that ties everything together, making your cabinet look like it belongs.

Gathering these tools and materials carefully will make the entire process smoother and ensure a successful and satisfying DIY project. Your bathroom can boast a fresh and upgraded look with the right preparation!

Once you have all the equipment, it's time to begin the real action! Yes, we're talking about removing that old bathroom mirror medicine mirror and installing a new one yourself. The best thing about replacing a bathroom mirror medicine cabinet is that you don't have to be a DIY pro. 

Just as long as you have the right gear, you can follow 5 simple steps to replace your existing cabinet with a new one. What are these steps? Let's explore below:

First, arrange and wear all the essential protective gear for this task. This includes a long-sleeved shirt, goggles, leather gloves, and even a hat for added safety. After that, spread tarps to keep your workspace clean and hazard-free.

With the right equipment, it's time to take safety measures by firmly securing your mirror to prevent mishaps. You can use duct tape or suction cups on the mirror's edges if the mirror is sizable. 

If it's a two-person job, bring a buddy along to help you make the replacement safely. Since we're aiming for a steady mirror, it's important to be well-prepared to avoid sudden drops once you begin the replacement.

Now, let's figure out what we're up against – are we dealing with mirror clips or sticky adhesive? If it's clips holding the cabinet to the wall, give them a quick unscrew and gently slide the mirror out. 

But if adhesive is the challenge, press the mirror to find those glue spots. Take your time marking these spots to get rid of them next.

Let's get rid of that stubborn glue now! For that, you need to get a heat gun and gently warm up the glue. Afterward, take a putty knife or a flat metal yardstick to carefully peel off the old glass. Remember, slow and steady is the way to go in such delicate tasks, especially for a smooth removal process.

Last, but not least, it's finally time to grab that new 36 x 28 medicine cabinet you wanted to upgrade to! Start by sizing it up – measure that cabinet door and get a pre-cut mirror from a store or have one cut at a glass shop. And don't forget to give the cabinet door a quick clean before installing the fresh mirror. Once you have the cabinet you want to install, you need to:

Choose mirror clips for a secure fix.

Slide the glass into the frame of the door.

Place the initial clip along the upper part, about 3/8 inch from the edge.

Next, tighten the screws using a manual or electric screwdriver.

Use one or two clips at the top, same for the bottom, and two on each side for the door size. However, if it's a cabinet with a split mirror door, you can fix clips only on one side.

Now, ensure all screws are tightened properly.

That's it! Now, you can step back and put your upgraded cabinet to use!

Replacing your bathroom mirror medicine cabinet can be hassle-free by using the tools and following the instructions mentioned above. For added convenience, here's a bonus: remember to check the manufacturer's instructions. 

Whether saying goodbye to the old or welcoming the new, following those guidelines will add more safety and efficiency to the process. 

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How to Replace a Bathroom Mirror Medicine Cabinet? | Featured |

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