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Step aerobics may seem retro, but the fact that people have been knee driving, step-kicking, and V-stepping it out for more than four decades is just a testament to the fun and effectiveness of this cardio workout. Even if you didn’t grow up with leg warmers, a step platform, and a positive attitude, you can get in on the heart-pumping modality with this new step aerobics workout for beginners.

Step’s benefits come from the fact that changing your elevation is a great way to jack up your heart rate (think about the challenge of hiking up a hill or climbing up stairs), and all that stepping up and down provides an extra challenge to your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. It's a natural cardio and strength one-two punch. Plus, stepping requires coordination and balance, and gives you a mental workout with all the combos you move through. If you don’t incorporate jumping, it’s also a low-impact way to get the heart-racing benefits of a more high-impact workout. Power Balance Board

A Step Aerobics Workout for Beginners | Well+Good

If that sounds intimidating, fear not. Well+Good's Trainer of the Month Club teacher Lonnie Poupard, who is a Lululemon Studio instructor, has everything you need to master a step aerobics workout for beginners. He’ll guide you through the combos at different speeds, until you’re ready to let your stepping loose.

“We're just taking this time to find the beat to kind of get into that rhythm, get our energy up,” Poupard says from the start.

A strength block right after a step cardio warm-up will help your muscles snap to attention, and rounding out the workout with a combo will challenge your dance moves in a way that’s totally doable. Poupard says you can always come back to a simple march if you need a breather or a mental break. But the built-in recovery times, plus repetition of cornerstone step moves, will have you stepping to the beat like a pro.

“Don't stress,” Poupard says. “If there's any part of it that feels like it's a little unmanageable now, all you’ve got to do is keep trying.”

Ready to give your step skills a shot? Follow along in the video above to conquer this step aerobics workout for beginners.

Format: A 19-minute sweat session featuring a step cardio warm-up, a couple strength blocks, a step aerobics combos, and a cooldown.

Equipment needed: A step and a set of light-to-medium weight dumbbells

Who is this for?: Anyone who wants to get their heart pumping with some beginner-friendly step combos, plus get a dose of full-body strength training.

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A Step Aerobics Workout for Beginners | Well+Good

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