The Unsightly Feature That's Dating Your Home, According To The Stars Of HGTV's Unsellable Houses

Some unique and decorative mirrors can add exciting light and life to your home. But not aerobic mirrors. While those large, wall-covering mirrors can be excellent for gyms and fitness rooms, they typically look overpowering and out of place in rooms that aren't related to exercise, such as living rooms or bedrooms. Thus, positioning aerobic mirrors to take up all that space on your wall will likely date your home.

A recent episode of "Unsellable Houses" focused on a condo from the 1960s. In the show, home design expert and host Lyndsay Lamb told the owner, "In your ... living room, we'll get rid of the aerobics class mirrors and give the buyers back some wall space. We want the focal point of that room to be the spectacular view."  Foyer Decor

The Unsightly Feature That

If you don't want your bedroom or family room to look like a fitness studio from the 1960s, you should ditch the aerobics mirror if you currently have one and let your walls be free.

Aerobic mirrors date and overpower rooms, but not all mirrors have that overly intense effect. Smaller, more unique and carefully placed mirrors can add charm and creativity to your space. "Mirrors have long been a creative design tool of interior designers for their versatility and ability to make a statement in almost any room of the house," Owen Pacey, Renaissance London's founder, told Homes & Gardens. "Antique and vintage mirrors have a dual purpose. ... They act as pieces of art, while also dispersing light effectively around the room." So, artistic-looking mirrors — rattan mirrors, for example — can add charisma and some free-spirited details to your home.

Maison T'ai, a luxury interior designer specializing in feng shui, shared a TikTok video explaining how various mirror shapes can exude different vibes. For example, he noted that circle-shaped mirrors tend to provide upbeat, cohesive energy. On the other hand, T'ai shared that mirrors with square and rectangle shapes typically appear more practical and encourage efficiency.

As previously mentioned, the "Unsellable Houses" stars wanted to make the room's "spectacular view" the space's most prominent focus upon removing the aerobics mirrors. But if your space doesn't have a lovely view to draw attention to, you can still add some pizazz without any mirrors. 

After your walls are free from the overbearing aerobics mirrors, those walls will likely look empty and a bit dull. But instead of seeing the blank walls as a setback, think of them as a way to add fresh new personality to your home. For example, you might want to consider painting an accent wall. "I recommend going big and bold. It's your opportunity to express your personality in your home and create a stunning focal point," Danielle Chiprut of Danielle Rose Design Co. told Architectural Digest. "Accent walls will always be in style as long as it feels authentic to you and your design style."

The Unsightly Feature That

Plastic Basket Another creative way to add character to your empty wall space is to apply wallpaper in a color or design you enjoy. Just remember that wallpaper can make or break your home's sale, so if you plan on trying to sell your home soon, keep in mind that wallpaper with unconventional patterns or ultra-loud colors may appear off-putting to potential buyers with different style preferences. But if you don't want to commit to anything as drastic or intense as painting an accent wall or adding wallpaper, hanging wall art is another option.