Get the most out of your solar panels with these battery storage options |

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Getting solar panels is an exciting decision for many homeowners. The promise of producing and consuming clean, low-cost renewable energy is a win-win for everyone involved. That said, solar panels are often an incomplete solution on their own, primarily because they leave homeowners reliant on the power grid for some of their electricity. Lithium Ion Rv Battery

Get the most out of your solar panels with these battery storage options |

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, a solar panel system without battery storage is not ideal for a few reasons. For starters, without a battery, you're still partly dependent on the grid. This can leave you stuck paying ever-increasing electricity rates. It also means that when the power goes out in your neighborhood, your power goes out, too.

During the daytime, most solar-powered homes generate excess energy that's sent back to the utility company in exchange for credits on your electricity bill. When your panels aren't producing, you can use these credits to offset the cost of pulling power from the grid. The problem? The credits are often worth far less than the cost of electricity, meaning you're buying power back for way more than you sold it for.

The solution to these problems is a battery that can store the unused energy your solar panels produce, instead of selling it back to the utility company. The Torus Station is a modern solar and battery system that includes everything you need to efficiently create and store electricity and easily manage your energy use.

The smart battery works with new and existing solar panel systems and stores the excess energy you create so you can power your home and electric vehicle reliably with renewable energy around the clock. With a smart battery, you can reduce your reliance on the overused grid and shrink your electric bills.

Here are a few reasons to get a Torus Station for your home.

If you're someone who enjoys a comfortable home temperature at all hours of the day, you've probably felt the sting of the sky-high electric bills. According to CNET, the peak hours during summer months in Utah are from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Basically, any waking hours are peak hours. In the winter, those hours change from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

During these times, electricity costs more because there is greater demand for it. Having a smart battery in your home is helpful during these high-usage hours because it allows you to replace expensive energy from the grid with cost-effective electricity from your solar and battery system.

When you get home from work, you'll likely want to watch television, run a few loads of laundry and start the dishwasher. With all of those things running at once, your usage is going to skyrocket.

Typically, solar panels don't produce power in the evening. But, with a smart battery, you can use the stored energy you didn't consume during the day to power your post-work routine, rather than pulling expensive electricity from the grid. With your stored energy, you can run the washer, dryer, dishwasher and anything else you'd like without worrying about the cost. In fact, Torus customers often lower their power bill by 60%-80%.

The Torus Station protects your home against power outages using battery backup. When the grid goes down, it automatically pulls power from your battery to keep your home running. The system can even scan weather data and automatically charge your battery to full capacity if it detects stormy weather ahead. If you live in a region that tends to be hit hard with snow or storms, this backup power is essential.

The Torus Station actually manages up to 85% of your home's energy use, automatically maximizing your savings and efficiency. It also offers some really cool integrations and automations designed to make the most out of your renewable energy. For instance, if you own an EV, you tell your Torus Station to only charge your vehicle using the electricity produced by your solar panels. Doing so makes your next morning commute totally free of costs and emissions.

The Torus App lets you manage your home's energy use from the palm of your hand. With it, you can see your electricity consumption, savings and CO2 reductions in real-time. Overall, it's a smart, easy-to-use tool packed with tons of features that make your home more energy efficient.

Depending on your personal needs, you'll want to choose a battery that works best for you. For instance, if you drive an electric car, you'll need a battery that stores enough power to charge your vehicle. That's why Torus sizes each system to fit the individual energy needs of their customers. They look at a long list of factors, including your average power bill and the orientation of your roof, to determine which amount of solar power and battery storage will offer you the most energy security and financial benefit.

It works with your current solar panels

If you're one of the many thousand solar panel customers in Utah, you're in luck: the Torus Station will work seamlessly with the system you already have installed. Adding a Torus Station will ensure the surplus power your system produces doesn't go to waste. Instead, it will be efficiently stored in your Torus Smart Battery for when you need it most.

Find out if it's right for you

If you're wondering if the Torus Station is right for you, check out their free buyer's guide for solar and battery systems. It will help answer questions like when you will see payback for the system, how to find the right battery for your home, if your home is a good fit for renewable energy, what you should know before buying if there are any incentives, how long it takes to install, and how much a solar and battery system costs.

Get the most out of your solar panels with these battery storage options |

Cemented Carbide Pressing Dies The next time the power goes out, don't be left in the dark. Check out the Torus website today for more information on the many benefits a solar and battery system can offer you.