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MARUTI PLASTIC INDUSTRY PLC (MPI) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization in Ethiopia that manufactures uPVC pipes, HDPE pipes, uPVC Telecom cable ducts, uPVC casing pipes, uPVC riser pipes, uPVC slotted pipes, uPVC screen casing pipes, and PVC electrical rigid conduit pipes as per ISO 4422 and DIN 8062 international standards.

MPI was established in 2013 with state-of-the-art fully computerized machinery imported from various reputed suppliers around the world. Pe Wax With Msds

Maruti Plastic Industry PLC -

Maruti Plastic Industry PLC (MPI) has a quality management system that is certified by Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise (ECAE), Ethiopia, as well as Alcumus ISOQAR Limited, UK, to produce the finest quality pipes.

Within a short period of market penetration, MPI has become one of the leading suppliers of uPVC pipes and HDPE pipes, which are known for their reliability and durability. Currently, MPI supplies the local market, grade-1 contractors, and various government projects. Our pipes are used in various applications such as agriculture and irrigation, construction, plumbing, sanitation, infrastructure building, and drilling.

MPI has paved the way for a future provided with excellent drainage systems and clean water for everyone and everywhere, from the smallest villages to the largest cities.

These are widely used as sewage pipes and exterior drainage pipes. They are incredibly strong, stiff, and cost-effective. They are resistant to chemical erosion and reactions in different temperatures and operating conditions. They are typically used for plumbing and draining applications including waste pipes, drainpipes, and downspouts.

uPVC pipes, as well as fittings, have a number of advantages over their counterparts; some of which are:

Thus, there is no room for worry about water leakage when opting for uPVC pipe installation.

uPVC pipes do not break even under the harshest weather conditions, including exposure to salts and chemicals that may cause corrosion in pipes made from commonly used materials such as copper and steel.

Maruti Plastic Industry PLC's uPVC pipes impart smooth and better flow in comparison with traditional pipes. Not only this, they offer excellent resistance against corrosion, chemicals, and electrolytes. Their 100% hygienic and odorless nature makes them ideal for conveying water from one place to another. Some of the other uses of these pipes include irrigation, industrial/chemical effluent disposal system, distribution of oils and gases, transportation of acid and slurries, telecommunication cable duct, and many others.

MPI uPVC pipes are available in different colors like black, gray, yellow, orange, and blue.

Maruti Plastic Industry PLC produces a full range of slotted uPVC pipes that can be used for the removal of surface and ground waters. Pipe sizes can range from 100mm up to 400mm and can be supplied with a full range of fittings.

Maruti Plastic Industry PLC “MPI” offers a complete line of rigid PVC conduits. For commercial, industrial and utility usage, MPI PVC conduit is proven durable and effective for years of maintenance-free performance in underground, encased, and exposed applications. MPI Rigid PVC conduit systems are sunlight resistant with the following features:

MPI is using virgin raw materials to produce the right standard wall thickness conduits and quality is tested in our own laboratory.

MPI quality laboratory is equipped with the latest lab equipment to test:

For the supply of fresh water, ensuring decades-long service providing the water clean and uncontaminated

Resistant to most chemicals, our pipes have an important role to play in industrial plants.

Our pipes are great thermal and integral insulators due to low thermal conductivity. They are also flame resistant due to the material being a self-extinguisher and have longer life than cement and other pipes.

Drainage systems for private homes, ventilation for office buildings, factories, highways, and waste lines

Maruti Plastic Industry PLC -

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